Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Known as the mother of all systems of medicine, Ayurveda has been used to achieve holistic health and true radiance for over 5,000 years. Taza harnesses the power of this ancient science, adapting its wisdom for the always-on, wired world of today. Our functional, yet potent products combine indigenous Indian, medicinal herbs with mindful rituals to help your inner (and outer) beauty shine.


The Taza Difference:  5,000 Years of Natural Healing.


Superior Botanicals

Our rare, therapeutic herbs are sourced across India from the foothills of the Himalayas to the forests of Kerala. Wild-harvested at their peak growth, our ingredients are packed with maximum nutrition to deliver the utmost efficacy.

Potent Formulations

Our formulas utilize whole herbs, rather than lab-derived extracts, in order to preserve their full, medicinal value. Our meticulous, ancient techniques ensure that our products are highly concentrated to activate your body’s innate healing systems.

Sustained Results

Our products have stood the test of time with results proven over millennia. Working in partnership with India’s premier institutions, we are the only U.S. brand to harness the power of genuine Ayurvedic medicine and offer authentic, certified formulas.


Wellness from the Inside Out

No matter your dosha, our Nourish Regimen is designed to address your holistic concerns via the most vital channels of your body: the skin and the gut. It is a personal ritual comprised of three multi-targeted formulas that can be used independently or collectively to help reduce stress, boost immunity, and promote a vibrant glow, naturally.