Our Journey

Divya grew up in India immersed in an Ayurvedic lifestyle. She used powdered herbs as shampoo and sipped turmeric lattes before they were trendy, not fully realizing their curative properties until 17 years after she moved to the United States. In pursuit of her American dream, she had fallen out of step with nature (and her true nature), but her roots came to her rescue, providing a holistic solution to an imbalanced life and planting the seed for her next endeavor.

Similarly, Amy discovered Ayurveda after the stresses of modern city life — long commutes, work, and more — had left her mentally and physically exhausted. Uninspired and out of touch with who she wanted to be, she turned to this ancient wellness system and was astonished by its profound healing power. Her experience inspired change in more ways than one. Soon, she was walking alongside Divya, her dear friend from business school, dedicated to bringing Ayurveda to the world through Taza.

With Taza, Divya and Amy set out to bring this ancient science in an authentic form, relevant for today.

Our Creed


We believe humanity is capable of living better: happily and healthily; mind, body and soul awake; connected to ourselves, each other, and the universe. 

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Our Pledge

We nurture ourselves by nurturing others. In conjunction with the institutional partners who support us with their Ayurvedic expertise, we pledge a portion of all Taza profits to local Ayurvedic hospitals to cover the treatment costs of those less fortunate.